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These are the programs that are lined up for the 2018-19  year.  Our meetings are held on the second Wednesday of the month at 7 pm, September through May, at The Underwood Hills Presbyterian Church, 851 N. 74th Street in Omaha, NE.

OWSG Programs 2018-2019

SEPTEMBER 12, 2018
Kelli Sweet & Michele Michaelsen
“Art In The Bag” and “Beads of Courage”

OCTOBER 10, 2018—Planning session for sale

NOVEMBER 14, 2018
Victoria Hoyt & Demetria Geralds
Collaborating artists create natural dyed textiles for wearable pieces.

DECEMBER 12, 2018—Holiday Party

JANUARY 9, 2019
Amy Quinn
“Inflatable Large Scale Creations”

FEBRUARY 13, 2019
Susi Perry
“Wearable Art, A Different Place to Hang Your Work!”

MARCH 13, 2019
Caroline Schmitz
“The Magic Yarn Project” benefiting children with cancer

APRIL 10, 2019
Member Maker Session

MAY 8, 2019—Potluck and Sale