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These are the programs that are lined up for the 2016-17  year.  They occur at the meetings that are held on the second Wednesday of the month, September through May, at The Underwood Hills Presbyterian Church at 851 N. 74th Street in Omaha, NE.


OWSG Programs 2016/2017


Sep. 14, 2016       Theresa Straseski, Textile Sculpture ala Sheila Hicks.  Make a round sculpture with a little bit of you in it.  Bring a memory object or just a memory to wrap into your sculpture.


Oct. 12, 2016       Margie Holley, for members who are participating in our annual show/sale.  Preparations.


Nov. 9, 2016       Tammy Pavish, Expressing Yourself Through Rug Hooking.


Dec. 14, 2016       Christmas Party


Jan. 11, 2017         Kris Paddock Khan, Making the Most of What You’ve Got


Feb. 8, 2017          Suzanne Earnest, Invisible Machine Appliqueing.


Mar. 8, 2017          Caroline Schmitz, Getting Centered with Mandalas.


April 12, 2017         Linda Meigs:  Lessons From An Old Mill


May 10, 2016         Potluck/Garage Sale