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End of Summer Get-Together


The OWSG end of summer get-together was held Saturday, Aug. 17 at Mary’s lake side cabin.


Mary and June were the hostesses.

Jay and Cindy were there.

The food was delicious!

Agneta, Mary and Layna enjoyed the sun on the deck.

Elizabeth brought her wheel for plying.

And she started the Show and Tell portion of the get-together.

She told of shopping for yarn in the UK.

Tara showed off her scrap blanket. In the end, it will  be King sized!

This is Karen’s hand spun and hand knitted 50/50 wool/soy silk.

Here is Kelly A.’s 8-shaft woven twill scarf.

Jay’s carved wood/clamp resist dyed piece.

And one of Jay’s layered transparencies.  Can you see the faces?

Cindy was knitting a reverse-cable scarf…..the cables showing on both sides!

Janine wove a QR code into her phone case.  When scanned, it actually does take you to her website!

This is Kellie H.’s shawl.  First she spun the silk/bamboo yarn.  The she knitted it.

This shows Mary’s current weaving with cotton on her loom.

Everyone had a good time.





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